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Employee Wellness Program

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Lifestyle Experts

Neetu Adwani

Fitness Trainer & Nutritionist

Bianca Carbone

Online Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Mike Fitzgerald

Founder & Principal Career Coach

Jocelyn Toll

Wellness Lifestyle Coach

Dayaram Swami

Yoga Expert

Niti Shah

Clinical Nutrionist

Pranav Kumar

ISSA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist and Healer

Gabrielle Savary

Fitness & Nutrition Coach


MyHelse™️ is a customizable Platform as a Service that leverages data and analytics to identify early risks at both the individual and population health level. Focused on population at risk, including underserved communities, MyHelse™️ aims to improve care delivery and health outcomes through data-informed early intervention, lifestyle changes, care coordination, and financial planning.


Improve employee health and wellness using the power of artificial intelligence & an engaging mobile Platform

Providers & Clinics

Solutions for data-driven care at the scale your clinic needs

Public Sectors

Large-scale solutions for public health providers

Payers & Insurers

Improving member health to reduce payer costs

Curb costs. Improve health outcomes.

With the MyHelse™️ integrated health platform, unleash the power of predictive analytics to make proactive, evidence-based healthcare decisions.

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