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    With the MyHelse™ integrated health platform, unleash the power of predictive analytics to make proactive, evidence-based care decisions.
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    From providers to payers to patients, MyHelse™ has an easy-to-adapt solution for stakeholders across the health care spectrum.
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MyHelse™ brings the future of technology to today’s healthcare industry

We are on a mission to apply artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and virtual reality to solve our nation’s greatest healthcare challenges and empower patients with healthcare data at their fingertips.

Make Informed Decisions Today. Prepare to Deliver on Future Demands.

With MyHelse™, you will have the data and automated insights you need to identify high-risk individuals and make it easy and automatic for them to make healthy choices and access preventative care. Available across devices, our intuitive dashboards provide real-time updates on population and individual health status, prescription adherence, and more.

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Empower Individuals to Manage their Care

Our population health management solutions are a personalized, go-to resource for beneficiaries to manage their health, receive guidance on adjusting their lifestyle and diet, and feel a community of support behind them.

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Reduce the health care costs of diabetes using the power of predictive analytics

By combining our deep understanding of healthcare pricing and payments with our advanced computer learning and software development expertise, the MyHelse™ diabetes health management products will help you gain the insights you need to reduce the cost burden of diabetes.

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Who We Are

More About My Helse

MyHelse™ was founded by a husband and wife duo with 45+ years of combined experience in using technology to solve complex problems. Our mission? Deliver quality health outcomes while leveraging the immense potential of emerging technologies. At MyHelse™, we believe in the power of proactive care and predictive analytics to transform the American healthcare industry and save lives.

Features & Benefits

Access Anywhere on Mobile or Desktop

In addition to our desktop platform for computers, our mobile app safely and securely provides quick and easy access to all platform capabilities, including personal health records, schedules, telehealth appointments, and more. Available on both Apple and Android.

Intuitive User Dashboards

Individuals can access the latest information on their health status and care management at the touch of a button, helping them stay on track with their health care plan. Providers and health systems can quickly view appointments, cancellations, and other urgent alerts.

User-Friendly Telehealth Across Devices

Telehealth is now more important than ever. With MyHelse, patients and providers can easily connect through video call, audio call, and chat from mobile and handheld devices as well as desktop and laptop computers. No advanced tech skills required.

Risk Alerts for Proactive Care

Set automatic health risk alerts for patients, providers, and systems to address patient needs and conditions before they become chronic, dangerous, and expensive to manage.

Population Health Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor population health, including diabetes and pre-diabetes, activity levels, and nutrition through customized digital dashboards.

Automatic Prescription Management

Help members stay current on their prescriptions with easy renewals, instructions, and reminders. Easily view patients’ prescription history and set up alerts for overdue or unfilled prescriptions to ensure they are managing their conditions well.

Scheduling Made Simple

Users, providers, and health systems can review and update appointments with a few simple clicks, helping to reduce last-minute cancellations and no-shows and improve continuity of care.

Engaging Lifestyle Content

Provide members with recipes, fitness education, and other health-focused content designed to motivate and empower users to take charge of their health, including reducing the effects of diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Custom Insights & Analytics

Through custom reports based on a variety of demographic, health, and care utilization data, track patients’ health and diabetic status, plan for more efficient care, and identify opportunities for cost savings.

Conversational Intelligence

Using the power of AI and ML to transcribe telemedicine sessions and provide intelligence and personalized health solutions for users.

MyHelse™ Products & Solutions

Below is an overview of our solutions supporting clients across the healthcare spectrum. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve more efficient, cost-effective care.

Native American

Native American Healthcare Systems

A cost-saving solution for native healthcare systems.

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Hospitals & Independent Delivery Networks

Hospitals & Independent Delivery Networks

Helping hospitals and IDNs make diabetes care management more efficient.

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Improve employee health and wellness using the power of artificial intelligence & an engaging mobile app.

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Dental Care

Providers & Clinics

Solutions for data-driven care at the scale your clinic needs.

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Payers & Insurers

Payers & Insurers

Improving member health to reduce payer costs.

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Public Sector

Public Sector

Large-scale solutions for public health providers.

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Empowering people to improve their health with technology.

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Lifestyle Experts

Lifestyle Experts

Deliver wellness content and expertise to those who need it most.

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