Prescription Management

What if the technology trudges through the daily hassles of maintaining health records and revamps the corporate wellness experience?

Modern automated wizardry shall eradicate the obsessive clamoring for handwritten prescriptions and hospital files. At MyHelse, we strive to conflate the power of Artificial Technology with health avoirdupois for seamless and ingenious patient-specific formulary guidance. Without hidden costs or fees, the best e-prescribing software meticulously catalyzes the transfer of information that benefits the population. We adore our health providers and coaches, but their handwriting- it’s a real struggle. Our Electronic Prescription Management System is a user-friendly platform aiming to make muddled health history scribed on paper and a wide gap between patients and pharmacies obsolete.

Automated Set-up to Blot Out Irregularities & Jeopardized Safety

Welcome to the bold modern world of high-tech healthcare assistance and services. Here, refills happen in the blink of an eye, and communication is easy and user-friendly. The very idea that perfect health is far-fetched and an arduous pitch to arrive on often makes us roll our eyes in disbelief. The Electronic Prescription System at MyHelse is not just a technology by-product but also an intrepid venture that eliminates run-ins in medication history completely. We integrate the system with a trusted community of pharmacies to achieve a safe transfer of information of an individual and their prescriptions. Further, the robust database stows the concise e-Rx requests under each patient detail and facilitates segmenting the medications currently advised. This enables weeding out the medicines that are no longer ingested or prescribed.

To err is human- well rightly said, but novelty transcends innocent naivety. We at MyHelse understand the usual consequences that follow human intervention. The e-prescribing software ensures the correct sequence of medications on the e-prescription and orders free of any irregularities or rookie mistakes.

IoT Integration to Encourage Real-Time Assistance & Support

On the horizon is something even more impressive: The ambitious IoT integration to take the experience a notch higher and completely remote. PRNewswire published their Global Patient Monitoring Survey report 2020-2027 that demonstrates the impact of the integration protocol. The survey foresees a single-digital compound annual growth in the global market for remote patient monitoring. The same premise shall help patients in a corporate setting stay connected with their providers or healthcare practitioner at any point in time. An approach that is cohesive and adept at garnering personalized medical support following hospital discharge or a consultation. Some of the most sought-after applications comprise monitoring blood glucose levels, following up with patients with urinary catheters, and transferring vital patient data from home or ambulance to the clinic.

Corporate employees go through draconian stress that quadruples their risk of high blood pressure and a bout of panic attack. High blood pressure, if not supervised in real-time, may lead to a Transient Ischemic Attack or brain stroke. The mix of IoT and the best e-prescribing software encourages early detection and prevents expensive emergency visits.

MyHelse gets the sting out of the stick and makes healthcare an easy drift.

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